Le Jas du Pontias

An elegant and comfortable town house of original design, in the heart of Nyons, with a comfortable terrace, the Jas du Pontias was once a little farm on the edge of the medieval town. Today, we are part of a residential street in the center of an animated town with 7000 people at the foot of the Drôme Mountains. A special vacation rental in an ideal location for hiking, relaxing and cycling.

Le Jas du Pontias
15, rue du Pontias
26110 Nyons, FRANCE

Tél. +33 (0)4 26 66 28 24
email: contact@lejasdupontias.com


The terrace, one flight up from streetlevel

An old farm turned into town house

Rue du Pontias is a small cul-de-sac street, just after Saint Vincent's church. Most houses here go way up, two stories high. On the left hand side of the street, two of them have a terrace and leave room for the lovely stark blue Provençal sky. These are Number 15 and 19.

You will be staying at the Jas du Pontias with the green doors and Nicholas, Louis and I live next door, behind the grey doors at Number 19. Both houses were once little farms on the edge of the medieval town. Today we are part of a residential street in the heart of Nyons.

The house is oriented to the south and light floods into it. With shutters and modern insulation, the temperatures can be kept cool in summer and cozy in winter.
Our street is a quiet one, because there is no through-going traffic. While you can drive to the house to drop off shopping or luggage, there is no exit and you will reverse to leave. A choice of restaurants, terraces and shops and the Provençal market can be found just around the corner.

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