Grid pattern reinforced shade sail

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[Design N.3]

It is made out of coconut fiber and to be hung, with a fixation point every meter and at each corner with the loops.

Grid pattern rope reinforcement.

The shade sail weaving sifts the sun’s rays, is weatherproof resistant, rot-resistant and very sturdy.

It allows air to pass through, for a fresh and pleasant feeling.

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Beware of the fact that made-to-measure shade sail is not possible with this design.

See pictures of this design N3 in our photo gallery.

Additional information

This design requires the installation of one steel heart-shaped thimble per loop, so that it is well reinforced and thus protected from friction and wear.

Just add these heart-shaped thimbles to your pre-order, unless you already have some at home.

The kit for the design N.3 depends on the sail dimension. For each loop you will need 1 heart-shaped thimble + 1 plastic cable tie + some fine rope (in order to hide the cable tie). An instruction manual is also included.

Please note that we have decreasing prices for it; depending on the dimension you choose and therefore the number of heart-shaped thimble you will need.

For this design you will also need either some rope or steel cables. Rope’s lenght and diameter depends on the distance between the loops and the fixation points. Please be specific when finalizing your order.

As an alternative to ropes, steel cables are recommended for larger sizes (we do not sell them though). Please see the different set up in the Installation menu. For any technical questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Shade sails are 1 kg per m2, and they double in weight when wet. They dry very quickly thanks to their spaced out weaving. Coconut fiber becomes slack once it is wet, and this feature reverts when it dries up ; it’s how coconut fiber reacts to the humidity. It may be necessary to slightly stretch your shade sail after the first rains, specially regarding the large sails or when they’re attached with coir rope.

Regarding the installation of design n.3 find all the indications here.


Here at La Scourtinerie, the shade sails are exposed to bad weather all year round for more than 3 years now. Over time, we observe a color modification, especially on the side exposed to the sun (above). Depending on the exposure conditions, our shade sails may turn pale or grey (same as wood exposed under similar conditions).

Strong sun and wind can lead to fiber loss which then leads to the weaving thickness gradual diminution, and therefore impact the shade sail efficiency.

This becomes apparent after several years though and the shade sails wintering allows them to last longer.

We are not aware of any particular problems due to rain, snow or frost. Just note that snow can significantly increase the sail’s weight and lead to, either a collapse of the supporting structure (pergola), or a rope breach regarding the suspended shade sails. In such situation, wintering is highly recommended, if not required.