La Scourtinerie


Because scourtins are woven using coconut fiber, which is rot-resistant, they are washable and easy to clean.         

Baskets, table mats, place mats, small and large rugs… All can be cleaned the same way.

For a regular maintenance

Vacuum and clean any stains directly with soap and water.

For an annual maintenance

Wet scourtin with lots of water

For small sizes, you can wash them directly in the sink or in the bathtub. For larger sizes, outdoor washing is recommended.
In all cases, wet the scourtin entirely in order to avoid the formation of halos.


Remove any stains

Apply soap, detergent or dishwashing liquid to remove grease stains.


Rinse with clean water

Do not hesitate to rinse thoroughly.


Drain and dry the scourtin

The coloured scourtins should be dried at the end of the day, in the shade, away from the direct sun, in order to preserve the brilliance of the colors.

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