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Customised shade sails

Customised shade sails made in France!

Because every project is unique, and we want you to be completely satisfied, we offer a made-to-measure service for your shade sails, your curtains and your privacy screens.

Shade sails made in our workshops from rolls of weave of different widths and densities.

So why choose made-to-measure and not our standard shade sails ? And for what type of project?

Frabriqué en France

In many cases, one or more standard-sized shades will work perfectly to cover a structure. Even if the shade canopy is slightly larger than this one, there are several ways of managing the surplus in a very aesthetic way.
For large pergolas, several shades can also be installed.

When you don’t have a structure, it’s also very easy to combine one or more shade sails for a particularly warm, airy look. However, for non-standard projects (such as a trapezoidal or round pergola, or one used to make curtains, etc.), the only feasible solution will usually be made-to-measure.

In this case, send yourself a message via the contact form, with as much information as possible, not forgetting to attach a few photos and a diagram of the area you want to shade, with precise dimensions.

Please note that the lead time for made-to-measure solutions is long during the high season (April to July) and can be as long as 12 weeks. We therefore strongly advise you to anticipate the season as early as possible, and to study the standard option carefully, to determine whether it can meet your shade requirements.
Note: We recommend that you take precise measurements, as these will determine the dimensions of the sail.

You will find below a form that will help you step by step to specify your request in more detail and guide our team as best we can for your project.
Thank you very much!

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