La Scourtinerie


In 2007, Frédérique and Arnaud Fert took over La Scourtinerie from their father Alain.
In 2013, they decided to create a museum tracing the family history, the unexpected developments  and the evolution of scourtin manufacturing over 130 years and 5 generations.

This museum has been inaugurated by Pierre Combes, the mayor of Nyons, in July 2013. It was designed by Myriam & Lionel Baillemont, in collaboration with Frederique et Arnaud Fert.

In the museum, you’ll find displayed presses, prototypes of the machines invented by the Fert Family, their patents, as well as archives and other unusual objects that should satisfy your curiosity.

From silk to coconut weaving, you’ll discover the family saga, the genesis of scourtins and its evolution through generations.

You will learn about the choice and origin of coconut fiber, the creation and development of scourtin weaving machines by Ferdinand Fert, as well as the disruption caused by hydraulic presses.

The museum is open at the same hours as the shop.
Monday to Saturday : 9.30 am to 12 pm and 2.30 pm to 6 pm (until 6.30 pm in summer).

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