La Scourtinerie

The Scourtinerie’s coconut fiber shade sails

Ombrière en Coco sur Pergola
Étiquette Ombrières coco de la Scourtinerie - voile

Our coconut fiber shade sails are 100% natural.

They are intended to provide shade while allowing air to pass through. Their spaced out weaving allows to have a very low wind drag for a fresh and pleasant feeling.

fibre de Coco 100% naturel
Voile d'ombrage en Coco pour Jardin au dessus table à manger
toile d'ombrage verticale en Coco

Our shade sails are resistant. They can stay outdoor all year round.

Coconut fiber is naturally rot-resistant and very sturdy. Placed on an existing fixed structure or suspended, shade sails can also be used as privacy screen when placed vertically.

toile ombre en coco sur pergola le long d'une piscine

The shade sail’s natural and ecological characteristic make it a useful, durable and decorative object.

Shade sails are fit for all climates and all house styles ; traditional as well as modern. Our shade sails are available in different sizes, various shapes and can be customized. 

Fibre naturelle de Coco pour Ombrière résistant à la pluie
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