La Scourtinerie

Technical information

How to choose the appropriate scourtin for your press ?

If your have a press with a central screw, it’s recommended to choose a scourtin with a central hole and to inform us when ordering which diameter is the press’s screw.

Flat scourtins are used for olive and fruit presses, apple juice/cider and wine presses. They allow the juice to be drained from the inside to the outside of the tank when pressing.

Non perforated flat scourtin are used for tray presses.

Perforated scourtins are used for traditional screw presses.

And split scourtins are used to simplify the mounting on the press with central screw.

Pouch scourtins are almost exclusively used to squeeze olive paste.

Super press scourtins are mostly intented for the filtration of olive oil and cider. They have pre determined dimensions.

How to choose between pouch and flat filter to squeeze the olive paste ?

Because pouch filter realization is more elaborate, its price is higher than a flat one. But its main advantage is that you can start a small olive oil production with only one or two pouch scourtins, as you can put more paste inside the pouch. However, for technical reasons, it’s only available in 3 sizes.

Note that its cleaning is a little more tedious than for a flat scourtin.

Flat scourtin is practical and effective. It’s available in all sizes from Ø 25 cm to Ø 250 cm. And the custom-made is available to the nearest cm.

Count 5 to 10 flat scourtins to start a small olive oil production.

Its cleaning is very simple.

Coco/Polypropylene ou 100% Polypropylene ?

Users of Scourtins made in Coco/Polypropylene or 100% Coco employs them in a traditional and ecological approach. Coconut fiber has well-known filtrating capacities. However, it’s not as durable as Polypropylene and its cleaning is a little more tedious than the Coco/Polypropylene scourtin.

It’s important to note that the Polypropylene rope has got a food certificate and is therefore compatible with all presses.

For more informations on this subject do not hesitate to contact us by mail or telephone.

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