La Scourtinerie

About decorative scourtins

The decorative« scourtin of Provence », for domestic and everyday use was born in the 1960s. After the ravages caused by the frost to the olive trees in February 1956, Georges Fert, Ferdinand’s son, came with the idea of transforming the traditional scourtin into a decorative object.


Small scourtins are often used as table mats ; they are practical and make the table look well dressed.                                                                    

Coconut fiber is insulating and heat resistant, offering an efficient protection under hot dishes.

Dimensions proposed are Ø 25 / 30 / 35 /43 cm.
The ones in fine mesh are used as place mats ; they are available in Ø 35 cm and also in 40 cm oval.


Plain or multicoloured, oval or round, scourtins are widely used as carpets for furnishing and decoration.                                                            

Bath mats, despite being made in coconut fiber, are very pleasant to the skin and easy to maintain.                                                                            

Plain, two-tone or bayadere, your scourtins are customizable and can be made to measure.


Maintenance of your table mat and your carpet is easy to handle with lots of water, and eventually with soap. Rot-resistant, our scourtins can stay outside all year long. Beware of bright colors, which could loose their glare if they’re exposed for too long to the direct sun.

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