La Scourtinerie

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From fiber to needle

In Nyons, the Scourtinerie offers a journey in the heart of a Provençal tradition : the production of coconut fiber scourtins.

Former filters used for olive oil production are now mainly used as table mats, doormats and rugs.

Ferdinand and Marie Fert, owners of a ticking, sheet and woolen weaving establishment, had the innovative idea of making scourtins. Ferdinand invented the first circular weaving machine and introduced coconut fiber into french weaving. Coconut fiber has been used for 130 years now and has proven its quality and efficiency for many different purposes.

«An ancestral and expert craftmanship »

A family history

Founded in 1882 by Ferdinand and Marie Fert, the Scourtinerie is unique in France. Ferdinand Fert patented the first scourting weaving machine in 1892. The Fert family has been weaving scourtins for 5 generations now, despite the historical frost of 1956 that led the company to convert.

George and Alain Fert, Ferdinand’s son and grandson, had the bright idea to transform scourtins into table mats, place mats and rugs. Frédérique Fert, Alain’s daughter, joined the company in 1988, and her brother Arnaud 2 years later, in 2000. In 2014, it was the turn of Sophie Villeneuve, Frédérique’s daughter and Ferdinand’s great-great-granddaughter, to join the adventure.

The desire to perpetuate the tradition

Guardian of a unique know how in France, the Fert family entertained the tradition with passion for 5 generations. Today, the Scourtinerie employs 6 people and the 5th generation will keep the company growing and developping new inovative products like the Ombrières, also made out of coconut fiber. This unique artisanal company is spending quiet days on the banks of the Eygues in Nyons, in the heart of the Drôme Provencale.

Some videos of the Scourtinerie

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