How to install my simple weaving shade sail ?

The installation of the shade sail is simple, but requires special attention regarding the fixation points, which you will set up yourself, so that the shade sail is well stretched and attached to the structure. Fine coconut rope is provided free of charge for the set up of your attachment points.

Important : For optimum shade sail support and longevity, it’s important that your structure has support bars spaced at a maximum of 80 cm apart. If this isn’t the case, you have 2 options: either install steel cables or choose our Model 3 for pergolas, which is reinforced every meter in a grid pattern


First, unfold the shade sail entirely on the ground. Then, roll it and get it up on your pergola. Once on it, unroll it fully and stretch it tight enough so that you can set up fixation points regularly over your structure.

Note: If your shade sail measures 5-10 cm less than your structure, you can moisten it with plenty of water in order to gain centimeters.


Pass the rope through the weaving in order to attach it to your structure so that you can set up fixation points to the structure anywhere you want.


Set up fixation points every 25 to 30 cm all around your pergola and a few at its center.

Shade sail Style 1

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