La Scourtinerie

Flat filters

Flat filters

Scourtin filters made out of coconut fiber or polypropylene are intented for the filtration olive oil or wine.

They allow the juice to be drained from the inside to the outside of the tank when pressing.
Non perforated flat scourtin are used for tray presses.
Perforated scourtins are used for traditional screw presses.
And split scourtins are used to simplify the mounting on the press with central screw.

Additional information

Our polypropylene scourtins are sold with a food certificate.

Custom request

For a custom request, please use our form in Contact and let us know the materials and dimensions you desire.


To remove any grease on the scourtin, there are 3 options :

  • Soakit in luke warm water and scrub it with soap
  • Degrease it with trisodium phosphate (you can find it in agricultural cooperatives)
  • Clean it with baking soda and lukewarm water

It’s important to clean your scourtins at the end of each « pressing season ». If not, you may get a juice with a rancid taste the following year.

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