Heart shaped thimble

Galvanized heart shaped thimble which protects the loops from wear and rubbing. It allows cables and ropes to slide more easily through the shade sail loops.

Choose the number of heart shaped thimbles adapted to your model (this number is indicated when choosing the size of your shade sail).


Additional information

The heart shaped thimble allows the cables and ropes to slide more easily through the loops of the coir shade sail.

Depending on whether you are ordering a design 2 or 3 shade sail, you will need more or less heart shaped thimbles. Indeed, for a diagonally reinforced shade sail M2 you will need 4, and for a reinforced shade M3, the number will depend on the size of the shade sail (it will vary from 10 to 20). Please refer to the product sheet of the desired design.

Example: when you order 4 heart shaped thimbles for your M2 diagonal reinforced shade sail, you will receive a kit including 4 heart shaped thimbles, 8 plastic cable ties, some thin rope (to hide the cable tie), together with an instruction manual.

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