Natural small oval rug

Small oval-shaped rugs are made of natural coconut fiber, natural and durable. They are handmade here at La Scourtinerie on our handicraft looms.

Available in natural, plain color or multicolored

Widely used as rugs in the bedroom, kitchen, livingroom, bathroom and also in the entrance hall. Doormats are often oval-shaped. They can stay outside all year long as they do not fear the water.

Plus, bath mats, despite being made in coconut fiber, are very pleasant to the skin and easy to maintain.

Additional information

Coconut fiber being rot-resistant, our « natural » scourtins can stay outside all year long.

For a longer use, your rugs and carpets should be wet regularly.

Coconut fiber being insulating and heat resistant, it offers an efficient protection under hot dishes.

Little extra : did you know that our adorable pets love scourtins and enjoy resting on them ?

Custom request

Your place mats, table mats and rugs are customizable and can be made to measure.

For a custom request, please use our form in Contact and let us know which colors and dimension you wish for.


Because our scourtins are woven using coconut fiber, which is rot-resistant, they are washable and easy to clean.

Regular maintenance : use vacuum for carpets and clean any stains directly with soap and water.

More details about scourtins’s maintenance and cleaning.

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