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Two-tone basket

Two-tone basket

Our coconut fiber basket are natural, durable and handmade on our oldest loom (1900) here at La Scourtinerie.

This basket is our traditional scourtin, to be used as a fruit, bread or egg basket. It can also be used as a catch all bowl or to keep food dry.  To be matched with your interior according to your needs and desires.

Additional information

Available in 21 colors.

Coconut fiber being rot-resistant, our « natural » scourtins can stay outside all year long.

For a longer use, your rugs and carpets should be wet regularly.

Coconut fiber being insulating and heat resistant, it offers an efficient protection under hot dishes.

Little extra : did you know that our adorable pets love scourtins and enjoy resting on them ?

Custom request

Your place mats, table mats and rugs are customizable and can be made to measure.

For a custom request, please use our form in Contact and let us know which colors and dimension you wish for.


Because our scourtins are woven using coconut fiber, which is rot-resistant, they are washable and easy to clean.

Regular maintenance : use vacuum for carpets and clean any stains directly with soap and water.

More details about scourtins’s maintenance and cleaning.

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