How to hang my diagonal reinforced shade sail ?

In order to install the shade sail, galvanized steel heart-shaped thimbles are necessary. We sell a quick and easy assembly kit (1 heart-shaped thimble + 1 plastic cable tie + some fine rope to hide the plastic cable + 1 instruction manual).

Place your heart-shaped thimbles into the loops, following step by step the instructions of the manual.


Once the 4 loops are reinforced with heart-shaped thimbles, connect them to your fixation points (wall mounts, poles, tree branches …) using thick coir rope or steel cable, and following the alignment of the diagonal ropes (see second drawing).


Technical detail : In order to choose well your fixation points, you’ll have to consider the shade sail’s weight : 1 kg/m² and 2 kgs/m² once it is wet.

For the shade sail to have an optimum tension,  make sure to leave 30 cm between each corner and its fixation point (see drawing below).

The more distance you measure between each corner and its fixation point (poles or distant tree branches …), the more you’ll have to comply with the crossed ropes alignement, as it is shown in the drawing below.

Depending of the distance, we will help you to choose between one rope or the other (Ø 1 cm ou  Ø 1,4 cm).

Fixation points placement aligned with reinforced ropes :

Installation equipment for styles 2 and 3 :

Easy installation of galvanized steel heart-shaped thimbles in the loops.

It allows cables and ropes to slide more easily in the loops in order to hang the shade sail. It also protects the inside of the loop.

Easy assembly kit : 1 heart-shaped thimble + 1 plastic cable tie + 1 m of fine rope

We sell different rope diameters : 0,5 cm, 1 cm and 1,4 cm. The choice depends on the shade sail’s dimension and the distance between fixation points.

Shade sail Style 2


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