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Installation Design 3

How to hang my grid pattern reinforced shade sail ?

For the installation of this type of shade sail, the use of stainless steel cables is recommended in order to allow a solid and durable installation.

For this installation we sell a quick and easy assembly kit with : 1 heart shaped thimble + 1 plastic cable tie + some fine rope to hide the cable tie + an instruction manual.


Place your heart shaped thimbles into the loops, following step by step the instructions of the manual provided.


Once the loops are reinforced with heart shaped thimbles, pass each loop around the cable (or rope).


Connect them to your fixation points (wall mounts, poles, tree branches …) using thick coir rope or steel cable, and following the alignment of the grid ropes (see second drawing).


Connect the corner loops independently to the 4 fixation points. At this point, you should have a minimum distance of 25 cm between each corner and its fixation point (see first drawing).

Example : for a 3x4m shade sail, plan to have 3,5 m x 4,5 m for the shade sail to have an optimum tension.

Note : When this design is installed on a pergola, its dimensions has to fit those of the structure. To do so, you need to fold the loops (or cut them at its base) and attach the shade sail with the fine coconut rope provided uniformly and all around, as shown in design N1 (simple weaving).

Technical detail : In order to choose well your fixation points, you’ll have to consider the shade sail’s weight : 1,2 kg/m² and 2,4 kg/m² once it is wet.

As for the design N2, it requires specific instructions. First, fixation points should follow the alignment of the grid ropes. Then, cables (or ropes) should be parallel to the shade sail. Finally, all loops must be fastened, without forgeting any one of them, ensuring that the corner loops are attached separately.

Installation equipment for styles 2 and 3 :

Easy installation of galvanized steel heart shaped thimbles in the loops.

It allows cables and ropes to slide more easily in the loops in order to hang the shade sail. It also protect the inside of the loop from wear.

Easy assembly kit : 1 heart-shaped thimble + 1 plastic cable tie + 1 m of fine rope

We sell different rope diameters : 0,5 cm, 1 cm and 1,4 cm. The choice depends on the shade sail’s dimension and the distance between attachment points.

Shade sail Style 3

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